Hello! Welcome to my Obsidian Publish. My name is Sam. I write about thought-work and game design mainly. I am a marketing director based out of Orlando, Florida. I run the marketing for a law firm. I also produce our radio shows. My other interests include note-taking, knowledge management, productivity, ADHD, emotional intelligence, relationships, learning, digital art, and more. Warning: Nothing in this vault is necessarily true. My opinions may change or have already been changed. Some of these notes may not make sense, may not be fact-based, and may not be finished. Please read at your own discretion. I will work on making this vault easier to navigate. For now, I just wanted to throw up a publish. My goal is to eventually make this into a brutally honest reflection of my life and thoughts. I want to publish my journal at some point as well. **Quick Start:** Use the + pages in the sidebar to navigate topics. # Vault Guide Right now my vault is organized without folders, tags, or metadata. I use links for both topics of discussion and direct note links. Each of my note gets a topic link (indicated by a "+" sign) and some of them will get type links (indicated by a "-" sign). The type links are not actual pages and are something I am playing around with. I don't always use them. The bulk of my notes at the moment are under the topics [[+ Mindset]], [[+ Feelings]], and [[+ Game Design]].